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Last Saturday was a gorgeous 70 degree day in San Diego. To make it even better I was meeting Brady in Del Mar to experience Snooze – an AM Eatery, for the first time. A few weeks ago I was invited to dine at Snooze and I accepted the invitation about… two seconds later. Over the years I have heard many rave reviews about their restaurants and was excited to check it out for myself. DSC_0674
We pulled into the Del Mar Town Center, an outdoor shopping center filled with boutiques, restaurants and even a Cinepolis. (I made a note to myself to come back soon.) We walked up to Snooze at 11am to find a crowd eagerly waiting outside the well-known breakfast joint. “About an hour,” one bystander said to his group. “Let’s get a drink at Searsucker and come back.” If this guy was willing to wait an hour for brunch, we knew it had to be good!DSC_0679
After stepping inside, we were instantly flooded with positive vibes. Bright colors + an eclectic retro vibe + the hum of laughter and excited chatter = a place that you ironically would NOT want to hit the “Snooze” button to miss! I have always been drawn to retro looks, so right off the bat I was in a visual heaven of the bright colors, fun booths and floor to ceiling windows. For the dog lovers, Snooze’s pet-friendly patio is the perfect place to take your furry friend to socialize with you.

We were greeted by Justin, an energetic and happy manager and fellow Aztec and who recommended me to try any of the benedicts or pancakes. (I did just that!) Our server Bri was very friendly and all smiles. We hit it off from the start, but that seems to happen when you share the same name! I noticed that all of the staff was an energetic and genuinely happy bunch, which is no coincidence. Snooze prides themselves on their friendly staff, and a kind mantra “it only takes a moment to make a difference.” They are active in their community and donate 1% of their sales to the local causes. How about that? I am a fan of people and companies who emphasize kindness and I felt right at home here. We had to get the day started with a breakfast cocktail, of course. I ordered the “Mmm Mmm Mimosa,” a mimosa with a pomegranate liqueur twist. Brady ordered the “Orange Snoozius” and I was instantly jealous – it tasted just like an Orange Julius! (Hence the name I suppose.) They also had a great selection of coffee and tea, and I’ve heard that their mochas are pretty awesome. Fun fact – their organic coffee is grown in Guatemala exclusively for Snooze!

20150221_111224Before ordering, Justin insisted that we try the Cinnamon Roll Pancake. I must warn you, I was completely spoiled after tasting this. I am pretty sure that all other pancakes will be ruined for me, because they will never be able to top this one. It was my favorite pancake that I tried that day and it was DELICIOUS. The best way to describe it would be that it tasted just like a Cinnabon. (Cinnabon… Orange Julius…I’m detecting a fast-food theme here.) It was topped with a cinnamon butter and candied pecans. I also want to note that the the batter was incredible. This is not your run-of-the-mill pancake place.DSC_0636
Against my better judgment, I ordered the Pancake Flight. I only say this for caloric reasons, because I know pancakes aren’t the healthiest of breakfast items. But Snooze is known for their pancakes, so I figured “when in Rome.” I went all out and tried three that caught my eye– the Red Velvet, Blueberry Danish and Pineapple Upside-down pancakes. The red velvet pancake had been on my foodie bucket list for quite some time…. It came complete with white chocolate chips and a cream cheese drizzle. They were all amazing in their individual ways and I couldn’t get enough of the presentation. I also had my eye on the Sweet Potato pancakes., but sadly, it was a classic story of too many pancakes and too little time. I just would recommend sharing the flight with a buddy, cuz boy are they sweet. Luckily my boyfriend ordered something savory, so I had the perfect balance of tastes.DSC_0656
Brady ordered the Chilaquile Benedict, a restaurant favorite. Instead of using tortilla chips as in original Chilaquiles, Snooze layers five corn tortillas on the bottom of a pan and bakes them to form a soft tortilla base.  It’s then topped with sweet barbacoa,, poached eggs and a gorgeous poblano hollandaise sauce.  Served on the side was a dense circle of warm hashbrowns. From the few bites that I tried, it was delicious and very appealing to the eye.DSC_0650
Once again, you won’t want to “snooze” on this place (hardy har har!) The breakfast items are superb and the electricity of positive energy was contagious. If you are concerned about the wait times, don’t be. The staff will take your phone number and text you when your table is ready, allowing you some time to check out all of the boutiques in the Town Center. They have another location in Hillcrest, as well as multiple locations in Colorado and Arizona.

All in all, there is no sugarcoating it -we had an extremely entertaining and delicious time at Snooze. I really appreciated the excellent hospitality we experienced, and it was noticeable throughout the restaurant. I look forward to returning to try more delicious menu items and show this place off to my friends and family. In this case, if you don’t Snooze, you lose! DSC_0668

Snooze Del Mar 3435 Del Mar Heights Road, Suite D3 San Diego, CA 92130 Mon-Fri 6:30am – 2:30pm Sat-Sun 7am – 2:30pm (858) 703-5300

Disclosure: As stated above, I was invited to dine at Snooze and our meal was complimentary. I was not further compensated for this review and this review is my honest opinion.

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