Hello and Welcome to SipSavorSeeSD!

I’m Briana- a 26 year old native San Diegan who has always had dreams of working for a magazine. Writing, exploring and eating are some of my favorite hobbies. I put those three hobbies together, and SipSavorSeeSD was born!

Some things you should know about me…


  • I have always had a deep interest in the arts and graphic design
  • …which probably explains the overuse of my “Artist” Halloween costume in elementary school
  • I know every line of “Tommy Boy” and “The Notebook”
  • I am in love with Country music, which is the only genre I listen to these days!
  • I stayed local and went to San Diego State University, where I bounced back and forth between journalism and graphic design…and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution. (Makes sense, right?)
  • I may or may not be a regular season viewer of the Bachelor…
  • My boyfriend and I have Shark Tank marathons pretty regularly (wow, I guess I watch a lot of tv!)
  • I work in the interesting world of marketing, which I love!
  • I love using parentheses (you will see them quite often).
  • Buffalo, NY may be my second favorite thing to talk about (my second home)
  • this blog post pretty much explains my life
  • but enough about me!

Back to SipSavorSeeSD! [Cue boring disclosure] While a majority of my posts are inspired by restaurants that I experience on my own, I am also invited to review restaurants from time to time, in which I will note a disclosure regarding the invitation. Besides the invitation to dine, I am not compensated by any company that I review for. I can assure you that my opinions are completely honest and based on my own experiences, as I do not want to mislead my readers in any way. With that being said – I reserve the right to not post about an experience. The slogan of SipSavorSeeSD is “the best happy hours, restaurants and sights that has to offer” – so you won’t find any harsh reviews on my site. Why you ask? I don’t feel that it is worth my time to write a review when I didn’t enjoy my experience there (but I certainly am vocal on Yelp!). I love to showcase hard work, amazing food and awesome staff, and thats my schtick!

Since I currently live in San Diego, my posts are primarily based on restaurants and things to do here in my hometown. I have always loved to travel and try new things and will post about experiences I enjoy in San Diego and in other cities where I find myself in. By reading my blog, you are supporting my American dream. For all of you who have pondered writing a blog – my advice is to JUST DO IT! (I coined that phrase- maybe it’ll catch on someday) My only regret is that I didn’t start one sooner, and you never know what opportunities it will land you. Thank you for your time and support and enjoy!

Sincerely, Briana

Any comments or feedback? I’d love to hear it: sipsavorseesd@gmail.com

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  1. Len Legotte

    Hi Briana,

    I am really enjoying your posts here. I will still say that our 20-minute my conversation with the both of you, in the elevator, and outside the Hotel after the Network was very pleasurable, meaningful and just fun.

    We never know who is just around the corner.

    Have a great week and 4th of July!

    Len Legotte

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