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A simple post for a simple weekend! This weekend was unusually lazy for me. But everyone needs those days sometimes, right? Right!

After my excessive amount of lounging on Saturday, I was feeling restless, so I went for a ride with my mom. Our destination? Model Homes in Eastlake. I don’t know about you, but I have always loved walking through model homes. The beautiful staging, color schemes, and themed rooms always inspire me to get creative (or spend hours on Pinterest planning every aspect of my dream house!)

Loving the orange & turquoise color scheme, and the free standing shelves that add character to the walls!
Next time I redo my room, I would really like to incorporate these colors (or swap the orange with bright pink). The free standing shelves are perfect ways to add character to the walls – especially if the bed is along the wall like it is here.

IMG_5199 (1)This unique turquoise dresser paired with the assortment of vintage clocks and quotes makes this hallway so much more interesting! (I am a sucker for anything turquoise – but regardless of the color I think this is a really cute idea!)

LOVE this brew-themed room. On the other side of the small room were two comfy lounge chairs with a table in between them. This would be such a great room to entertain in and sip all of your favorite beers. The Edison light bulbs give the room a rustic touch. I love the idea of themed rooms, and plan on having many of them in my dream house someday (probably more travel themed, but a room like this would be fun to have too!)

IMG_5202 (1)
The bonus room was turned into a game room. Another thing I love!! I have always wanted a vintage themed room, with old signs and posters. When I saw the “refreshments” sign and the old soda pop bottles, I was reminded of my “50’s” themed room idea. (Sorry for the bad picture quality!)

Last but not least, this 2 bedroom 2 bathroom caught my eye. While the first impression wasn’t ideal (the front door opens to a staircase that leads to the 1 story condo) I did love the open floor plan, and thought it would be the perfect layout for entertaining. The amount of windows made the space feel bigger and full of light. The turquoise attributes didn’t hurt either :).

Welp that’s it for my little weekend adventure. Sometimes we need to do things out of our typical routines to see new scenery, new designs, new people or new spaces. This little trip did just that for us. If you ever need some interior design inspiration, or have time to kill, this is an especially fun activity to try to experience some positive vibes!


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